About Institute

The Institute of Sustainable Development, Environmental & Scientific Research (ISDESR) was registered in July 1992, under Rajasthan Societies Registration Act, 1958 . Though in the beginning the Institute’s main objective was limited to carrying out studies in the field of environmental preservation, natural resources, rain water harvesting awareness etc. it grew much beyond the initial concept. Within a short span of time, it has widened its scope to cover up the socio- economic aspects of the community. The environmental studies have virtually two aspects, firstly the physical environment comprising of land, water, air and other natural features, while the second aspect deals with the community or people who live and inhabit it. Their approach and behavior towards the environment becomes very significant. Both these aspects are closely linked and any study regarding environment can’t be completed until and unless both the aspects are properly considered.

For the last five years the institute has been engaged in imparting training in various IT sectors and now it has entered into the field of publication of journals and other research books. Development has to take place in a planned manner and side by side care has to be taken that the environment should not be disturbed. The need of the day is to workout way towards such a development which may generate optimum benefits and also guarantee our environmental safety and preservation.

Keeping in view the significance of the environmental preservation problems, the Institute of Sustainable Development Environmental & Scientific Research has been established with a team of members having expertise in various fields. Our members are Geographers, Environmentalists, Social scientists, Economists, Educationists, and subject Experts of related disciplines.