Publication Ethics

  Policy of Submission and Publication

  • Journal of Global Resources is a Bi-annual Journal (two issues/year). These issues are published every year in January and July. It’s a peer-reviewed International Journal published regularly since 2015. It publishes and promotes original research papers, reviews on all newly-emerging areas in the urban, population, desert, soil, water, energy, environmental sciences related to the subject of the journal. The journal is managed by the eminent geographers, environmentalists and scientists & editorial board for screening the papers before publication.
  • Authors should confirm that the manuscript is their own, original work and that, it has neither been published previously nor is currently being considered for publication elsewhere. The manuscript should be sent through our website ( or e-mail (
  • The manuscript that contains new, original and significant findings in acceptable style and format is preferred. The paper should clearly define the Aims and Objectives of the study.
  • The author (s) will be held solely responsible for any claims, false statements or contents of the paper. After receiving the manuscript, the editor (s) evaluate the appropriateness of the submitted manuscript for the journal including the quality and originality of the work.
  • The corresponding author should ensure that all the co-authors have reviewed the manuscript, approve the final version and should agree for publication, according to the terms and conditions of the journal, without any conflict of interest. The authors should be limited to those persons who have made a significant contribution to the work. The corresponding author should list the order of co-authors in the original submission.
  • The Editor reserves the right to suitably modify, accept or reject a paper for publication. Articles not selected for publication are not returned to the authors. If a paper is found unsuitable, it will be declared as unacceptable for publication.
  • Authors can search published papers by name, keywords and subject wise according to Volume on the website and available information can be downloaded from
  • The corresponding author will be informed about the receipt of the paper and other extended information (Regd. No. etc.). Proofs will not be sent to all the authors. However, early view PDF proofs may be sent to the corresponding author by email for corrections and approval. The acceptance letter is possible after receiving the corrected proof by the corresponding author. Upon publication, the copyright will automatically be transferred to the publisher.

  Peer Review Policy                                                               

  • Journal of Global Resources (An International Journal of Multi-disciplinary sciences related to Environment, Climate Change, Population, Water, Urban issues etc.) is a bi-annual journal.  All manuscripts submitted for publication are peer-reviewed and published twice in a year i.e. January and December of every year after acceptance. The articles are subjected to peer-review by referees at the discretion of the editorial office.
  • Every manuscript will be assessed by the editor for its quality, originality, plagiarism, grammar, content and suitability with the Journal of Global Resources editorial policies etc. Editors are solely responsible for the acceptance or rejection of a manuscript. The editor based on the review of the Editor/Editorial Panel makes a final decision on the acceptability of the manuscript.

 Plagiarism Policy                                                                                             

  • Journal of Global Resources follows a strong plagiarism policy. There is a zero-tolerance policy towards plagiarism in this journal. Manuscripts submitted are screened for plagiarism through the advanced plagiarism detection software before, during & after publication, If found erring, they will be rejected at any stage of processing. Therefore, The Editorial committee takes strict  care to prevent plagiarism. The manuscript containing plagiarism material is always against the standard of science, research & innovation. Manuscripts found to be plagiarism during initial stages of review are immediately rejected & will not consider for publication.
  • In cases of proven scientific misconduct, plagiarism or fraudulent publication, the publisher will take appropriate action. If any manuscript is found to be plagiarised, the Journal of Global Resources will take immediate action (retractions of paper, blacklisting of concerned authors (s), reporting to the concerned authorities etc.). Therefore, data showing any type of suspension, duplication and manipulation must be brought to the notice of the author (s) during processing.

 Ethics Policy

  • The journal will follow the COPE guidelines. Publication ethics is based on the Guidelines & Standard developed by the Committee on Publications Ethics (COPE).The journal is committed to maintain the integrity of research publication and hence, discourages misrepresentation and prevents malpractices of research results. Strict compliance with the ethical standards should be observed before submitting a manuscript.
  • Authors should confirm that the paper is their original work and that, it has not been copied or plagiarized. The authors are expected to exhibit ethics & follow good scientific practices. Application Copyright Laws are required to be followed. Proper acknowledgment of other’s work must always be made. Fabrications of results and the making of fraudulent or knowingly inaccurate statements constitute unethical behaviour & may prove to be the cause for rejection or retraction of the manuscript of an article proposed for publication.

 The policy of Assured Publication on Submission

  • The main objective of the journal is to present new, original and quality research work and information to readers so as to ensure readers are not misled. The journal recognizes its policy prohibiting duplicate publication. Thus, authors must verify that they have not derived or adapted contents of the article from the unpublished work of other authors.
  • If the manuscript has already passed the desk screening stage (i.e. certified quality of the manuscript, with regard to language, plagiarism, ethical, authorship, review process and copyright check etc.) then Post-Editorial support assures the authors for timely publication after accepted by the review process. All papers will be finalized after final review comments and suggestions. The author will have to modify the paper as per the reviewers’ comments. 

 Cancellation and Refund policy

  • If an author wishes to cancel the publication with us after completing the final submission, as per instruction/guidelines of the Journal, which the author had accepted during initial submission and final submission, then, subscription charges once deposited will not be refunded.
  • The author is given sufficient time to consider his willingness or unwillingness of publishing with us before making the final submission. He should consider his willingness within this time-span. The Journal performs all the processes promptly and on time, for which it has to pay the cost to the concerning agencies. The author may withdraw the paper after our approval; thereafter; we have no objection if the said withdrawn article is published somewhere else.

 Publication Fee

        · There is no fee for paper publication. If the paper is selected/accepted by our editorial board, the author will have to subscribe to the Journal. No free hard copy will be provided by the publisher.
      • The author can download a free soft copy from our website

 Open Access Policy

  • All research articles published in the Journal of Global Resources, Open Access journal are fully open for access. All published papers are immediately freely available to read, download and share.

  • Articles are published under the terms of a Creative Commons license which permits use, distribution and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cite